The Basics of PPC Scripts, and How They Can Boost Your Ads

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The Basics of PPC Scripts, and How They Can Boost Your Ads

PPC (Pay Per Click) scripts have many uses for anyone who wants to market their business or websites on Google using the PPC advertising facility. And as the technical definition given by Google dictates, PPC scripts are codes that allow you to control your Google Ads data using simple JavaScript in a browser-based IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Let’s explore further. 

As a Performance Enhancer

Spotting keywords with a high conversion rate is not a job for humans.Therefore, it has become a common practice to use a performance enhancer script to increase bids on competitive keywords. 

There are still many other types of PPC scripts, but the three above are the basics and the most commonly used ones. If this subject is new to you, you’d better start learning from those three. 

The Popular Use of PPC Scripts

google advertisingIn brief, PPC scripts have limitless use in terms of how it can benefit your campaigns. But here are the popular ways how PPC scripts are used:

As a Budget Pacer

A budget pacer script can help you pause your campaigns after they spend the targeted budgets. This will be very helpful if your budgeting does not comply with Google’s “Twice the daily budget” policy. Google applies that for a good reason, for sure. They intend to give your campaigns more exposure during the highest traffic. 

As a Bidding Assistant

Keyword bidding is essential in Google Advertising. This is precisely the factor that can get you to the top of search results. But the process of selecting keywords or keyword groups can be tedious. With a script, you can automate this task and up your bidding to once per hour!

Do You Need to Learn to Code?

coding on a laptopThe answer is both yes and no. Using scripts for advertising can take more than several hours to master. Although you can copy and paste them directly, the real process behind it is much more complicated. Different scripts with the same function may have different speed, efficiency, and accuracy. And the only way to identify those factors is by learning to code. Therefore, if you are more of a general marketer than an SEO specialist, you’d better pick the right script provider. 

Should You Use PPC Scripts?

google search engineThe answer is definitely yes. In fact, it is the only right way to use PPC advertising. The sole purpose is not to waste your money on the service, but to get your business on the top of Google’s search results. And to do so, scripts will help you automate many tasks that will be too arduous if they were done by humans. 

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